Get In Where You Fit In: Bent Outta Shape - Final Songs

Posted: Friday, September 2, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: ,

The problem with posting things in a certain update order is that if something for a feature isn't working out I won't post again until it does or I can find something else to fill that slot. The most difficult slot to fill is the Get In Where You Fit In feature. I have lots of out of print albums, live bootlegs and b-side material in my collection but the unreleased stuff is few and far between. I had a super rare unreleased album in the form of a copy of the master however when I went to view the sound files I discovered that the last four or so songs existed only in silence and their wave forms seemed to be messed up. I won't say what it is less I get peoples hopes up that I'll post it but I couldn't post it incomplete and it very well may not exist in any other form. This is it's replacement and I think it is a worthy one.

Bent Outta Shape were a mid-2000s pop punk band fronted by guitarist/vocalist Jamie Ewing, who's original location I can't seem to peg but at various times they operated out of California and I believe New York. They released one 12" EP, three split 7" and one LP on labels like Recess and 1-2-3-4 Go! before breaking up in 2006. If you've never heard them before their sound fits right in with the 2000's Brooklyn/Long Island/New Jersey indie punk scene. Imagine if Latterman had a threeway with Joyce Manor (or Shinobu for a band of similar vintage) and Fake Problems. They were simply a really solid band.

A lot of the time when I post things here from a broken up band there is always a chance that the band will release something else after the fact. They get back together record some new songs or unearth some lost gems. This is one of those sad times where that can't happen as Jamie passed away in 2008. These 5 songs represent the last things Bent Outta Shape ever recorded, I believe they were all recorded in the same sessions as the songs that were used on the split with Snuggle. The likelihood of these ever being released is pretty slim which is sad because "Fourth of July" is amongst some of BOS best tunes and the cover of the Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden" is simply fantastic. The quality I received these in wasn't the greatest so I've done my best to clean them up and liven the sound quality. So here they are, the final chapter of an under-appreciated band:

1. Fourth of July
2. Asleep At The Wheel / I'm Goin' Closer
3. Every Day
4. Tulsa Rock 'n' Roller
5. Beast of Burden