Besides: The Hold Steady - American Music

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Craig Finn of the Hold Steady is one of the finest storytellers currently making music. Finn's tales are like any good story, you can't miss part of it and expect to grasp the full picture. So I've decided to compile all the band's loose ends into one mix. It contains all the b-side/bonus material from Almost Killed Me, Boys and Girls In America, Stay Positive and Heaven Is Whenever as well as covers, compilation tracks and unreleased songs. As a bonus I've also included several live songs that were never released commercially from the period between Stay Positive and Heaven Is Whenever possibly due to Franz leaving the band. Anyways, enjoy American Music:

OOP Corner: Caustic Soda - .bleak youngkid dis-knowledge

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Caustic Soda will probably go down as even less than a footnote in music history. The name will probably be familiar to some as a number of the band members went on to form the indie rock band Blueline Medic who were signed to Fueled By Ramen and released a number of records including a split with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists.

Caustic Soda however formed in Melbourne in 1994 they were probably most well known as Australia's answer to Jawbreaker. Truthfully, for all the people that seem to love Jawbreaker you'd expect there to be a lot of Jawbreaker clones out there and a few that did it well. The only ones I can really recall though are Jolt who were from the East Bay and these guys. These guys did it really well as their long out of print debut album .bleak youngkid dis-knowledge shows. If you consider yourself a fan of 90's punk/indie/underground or of Jawbreaker I suggest you peep this. Enjoy:

OOP Corner: Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine - Commencement

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This is the first in series of updates that will focus on albums, that while great pieces of music, unfortunately languish in out of print status thus making it quite difficult for the average listener to get a hold of.

Chances are you've never heard of Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine, they were a pop punk band from Chicago that existed from 1997 to 2004. The closest musical comparison I could make to them is fellow Chicago natives The Lawrence Arms. Y'know, a three piece, with two vocalists obviously influenced by Jawbreaker. In the course of their existence they released two fantastic LPs, a slew of great singles and a split album. Sadly, the only thing that is available for purchase is their second LP, Dismissed. So here I am posting Commencement, their first full-length release. I highly suggest picking up Dismissed from Whoa Oh Records if you like this one. Enjoy:

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Bootleg: Lemuria - Cloak & Dagger Radio Session

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To my knowledge there isn't a lot or any Lemuria live audio floating around out there, so this is a set that the band recorded live in studio for the Cloak & Dagger Radio Show on WHFR out of Dearborn, Michigan back in 2006. It is before their Get Better LP came out so the set is almost completely made up of 7" and compilation material that made up The First Collection in 2007. There is also the rare treat of "Hey, I'm Over Here" from the band's demo as well as an adorable acapella version of Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious". Each band member also does a quick radio drop for the show and and intro to the set. The sound quality is pretty darn good about a B+ and the band has a real nervous energy with Sheena either missing some of the lyrics or them dropping away from the mic. I hope you enjoy:

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I recently made a few changes to older posts. I fixed the links to the Hüsker Dü collection, the second part to the Say Anything collection and the Cheap Girls acoustic album. I was going to fix the link to the Replacements downlaod but I decided instead of two massive two part collections with demos and b-sides/outtakes from both the Twin/Tone and Sire eras I will be making one new large two part mix with each part focusing on the b-sides/outtakes and unreleased material. It is still a lot.