Get In Where You Fit In: Best Kissers In The World - Yellow Brick Roadkill (Promo Version)

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I've come to realize all the Get In Where You Fit In feature is unreleased albums and it's made me sort of want to change the name but meh. Anywho, today I'm bringing you an album by Seattle's Best Kissers In The World. BKITW were a Seattle based band in the early 90s and released their first EP on Sub Pop Records in 1991. This means they play what could broadly be defined as grunge however there is a strong power pop and country influence for a heavier debt to The Replacements than traditionally found in the genre. Story goes they sign to major label MCA and release and EP and the Been There LP in 1993 to moderate collage radio success. After a rather significant gap between albums the band recorded a follow up album Yellow Brick Roadkill to be released in 1996, however it ended up being shelved since the band fell apart or the band fell apart because it got shelved - I'm not quite sure. A few promotional copies of that unreleased album made it out there and today I'm giving it to you in a nice high quality rip from my own collection. Here is Yellow Brick Roadkill. Enjoy!

Freedom or Sort Of: Hold Tight! - Call The Zoo

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Richmond Virginia's Hold Tight! have recently put up their new EP Call The Zoo for PWYC download on their bandcamp page. If you are a fan of pop punk/melodic hardcore I seriously suggest you check these guys out. They describe themselves as a mixture between Lifetime and Latterman, and you certainly get the upbeat feeling from Latterman mixed with some Lifetime/Kid Dynamite style riffs and vocal delivery. There is more melody than hardcore but not quite as much as the recent popcore trend. Go download Call The Zoo and if you like it their other stuff too! (and toss 'em a couple of bucks if you can).

OOP Corner: Streetside Prophet - Talking To Walls

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The real crime isn't that you haven't heard Streetside Prophet before, the real crime is that there isn't much to hear. The Scottsdale, Arizona trio only released this sole EP and a track on a J Church tribute before fading away in into the annals of pop punk history. They also recorded an LP before they broke up but since they split the album was put on the shelf. There was talk of Tortilla Chip Records putting it out last year but I haven't seen anything about it and this EP remains out of print. It is a damn shame too because this is some of the best Lawrence Arms/Alkaline Trio/Honor System style music around. The only good thing to come out of the band breaking up is Wes and Ryan went on to form the mighty Rumspringer (Ryan has since left that band). Enjoy!


Besides: Dangerloves - So This Is Love (A Collection)

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About a year ago I posted the complete discography of short-lived Toronto punk/power pop band the Bayonettes. They were only around for a couple years but when they broke up a few of the members went on to form another power pop/punk band called Dangerloves with members of other renowned Toronto punk/hardcore bands such as Terminal State. Sadly, Dangerloves only lasted through one demo and three 7" records between 2006 and 2008. So I've gone and collected their four releases, their three compilation appearances, all the live material I could get my hands on and 5 unreleased songs recorded in the same session that produced the songs for their 7"s. Enjoy!

1. Tonight [Demo Version]
2. Lipsmart [Demo Version]
3. I Don't Know Why I Try [Demo Version]
4. Deja Vu [Demo Version]
5. Lipsmart
6. So This Is Love
7. Easy
8. Deja Vu
9. Home
10. Young Pretender
11. I Don't Know Why I Try
12. Tonight
13. Slipping Away
14. Stop
15. Promises
16. Slipping Away [Acoustic Version]
17. Everyday
18. You and Me
19. Los Angeles [X cover]
20. I Don't Know Why I Try [EXD Session]
21. So This Is Love [EXD Session]
22. Young Pretender [EXD Session]
23. Tonight [EXD Session]
24. Easy [EXD Session]
25. Stop [EXD Session]
26. Lipsmart [EXD Session]
27. Young Pretender [Live at To Be Scene]
  • 1 - 4 originally appeared on the band's demo. self-released 2006.
  • 5 & 6 originally appeared on the Lipsmart 7". Fashionable idiots 2007.
  • 7 - 9 originally appeared on the Easy 7". DeadIdeas Records 2008.
  • 10 & 11 originally appeared on the Young Pretender 7". Static Shock Records 2008.
  • 12 - 16 are not commercially available. Recorded during the same sessions as the 7"s at Audiolab in Toronto by Chris Hegge.
  • 17 & 18 originally appeared on the Toronto's Burning compilation. Schizophrenic Records 2009.
  • 19 originally appeared on the No T.O. compilation. Schizophrenic Records 2009.
  • 20 - 26 are not commercially available. Recorded live in-studio for CIUT's Equalizing Distort on November 26, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario.
  • 27 is not commercially available. Recorded live for in November 2006.

Bootleg: Armchair Martian - Live on KXLU 17/06/2001

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If you've never heard Armchair Martian before they were Jon Snodgrass' band before Drag The River and they rested somewhere between Social Distortion and 2000's Americana influenced punk rock - both musically and chronologically. This is a live set they did for a college radio station in 2001, perhaps because it was for something other than commercial radio the set is actually pretty decent in length, with a dozen songs running about half an hour. As a radio show the sound quality is pretty good for a live set, I'd give it a solid B+. The song choices are from all over Armchair Martian's career but there is a a strong focus on their split with Bad Astronaut as it had just come out that year. For me the real highlight is having a recording of their cover of George Jones' "She Thinks I Still Care". Enjoy!