Bootleg: Samiam - Live at Krazy Fest 2011

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Recently Samiam had to cancel a number of shows in support of their latest album Trips so I missed them but lucky for me and anyone else that did I found this pretty decent quality live recording from their Krazy Fest set earlier this year. It was one large file so I went and cut up the songs in a way I feel retains the flo of the set. My only real complaint is that the setlist heavily favours You Are Freaking Me Out and Astray. Don't get me wrong I love those albums and get that they are fan favourites but in a roughly half our set it would be nice if they could atleast have a one song from each of their albums but Samiam, Soar and Billy are completely ignored. Heck considering it was their last proper album I expected more than one song from Whatever's Got You Down. Enough of my complaining, it is a good boot, enjoy!

Set List:

1. Intro (Banter)
2. Sunshine
3. Factory
4. Trips (Banter)
5. 80 West
6. Mud Hill
7. Wisconsin
8. Dull
9. Take Care
10. She Found You
11. Capsized
12. Full On
  • 1-12 recorded live Sunday, May 22, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky at Expo 5.

Get In Where You Fit In: Samiam - "1995 Demos" + Astray Demos

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The first set of demos here I got it from a great french blog:

I normally wouldn't repost someone else's content knowingly but since this was an analog source it was a bit scratchy sounding and some of the songs were cut incorrectly so the ending of one song would be on a separate file. I've fixed it all as best I could. If the labelling is to be believed these were recorded in '95. This would make sense as most of them are demos for songs off You Are Freaking Me Out, which was supposed to come out in 1996 I believe but didn't come out in North America til '98 because Atlantic Records rejected the album and dropped them from the label (which is fucking insane as the album is easily one of their most accessible). However, two songs in this set of demos, "Simca" and "Time By The Dime" were both on Clumsy which was released the year before. Curious. Even more curious is the fact that there is a whopping seven - count 'em -seven songs that have never appeared on any retail Samiam release: "Issues", "Dive", two versions of "Lie To Me", "Sour Days", "Why Should I?", "Jealousy" and "Gone So Long". I hope one day the band decides to give these tracks a proper release, with a good mix and mastering job.

The second group of demos is five songs from Astray and they are of much higher quality and sound as though they are properly mixed and mastered just completely different recordings than the album versions. I posted them before as part of the b-sides collection but they fit better on their own. Enjoy!

Freedom Or Sort Of: Dahlia Seed

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Okay so I don't really have any free legal downloads for anything Samiam related. Instead I thought I'd point you towards another early 90s punk/posy-hardcore band that often got lumped in with "emo" but like Samiam, Garden Variety, Texas Is The Reason and many others had not much to do with it: Dahlia Seed. They had a distinctly East Coast flavour about them, chunky guitars and these powerful vocals from lead singer Tracy that could really flip your wig but at the same time are really beautiful. You can download their entire discography at their website. You still might want to track down hard copies as the bitrate isn't the greatest but still this is some really great stuff. I suggest starting with their second 12" Survived By:

OOP Corner: Doughboys - Crush

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"Remember when the Doughboys played Gilman and they broke up on your lawn?"

I have a feeling that more than a few people that love singing along to "Dull" by Samiam have no idea who the Doughboys were. Well they were a pop-punk band from Montreal that were contemporaries of Samiam, they actually got started a few years before Samiam and before that vocalist John Kastner was in the hardcore punk band the Asexuals. The Doughboys early albums are fantastic records that are very much comparable to Samiam, however this is a little different. By 1993 the band had just signed to a major label, A&M, and their sound became more polished but honestly this is probably their best album. Their next LP, Turn Me On, came in 1996 and it was such a grab for commercial success it was shameful and guitarist Jonathan Cummins also thought so because he left the band. That kind of spelled the end for the band. This is sadly out of print but you seriously have to here it, so here I am. Other rips are floating around the net but they are all rubbish quality whereas this is a high quality rip from my own collection. Enjoy!

Besides: Samiam - B-Sides & Rarities **AMENDED REPOST**

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For some reason East Bay vets Samiam's career seems to have had more legs in Europe than at home in North America. I couldn't even begin to fathom why because other than Jawbreaker they are probably the most talented band to come out of that scene while bands that have been peddling mediocrity for some time like Rancid and Green Day can pack in clubs and stadiums across the continent. No justice I tells ya. So I've decided my next few uploads are going to focus on them in honor of American Thanksgiving. I give thanks for Samiam.

When I originally posted this last year Samiam had just announced their own official rarities collection Orphan Works but there was no tracklist yet. When I found out I removed the blog post but when it finally came out there turned out there wasn't a great deal of overlap. So I've re-uploaded it removing some stuff and actually adding a few things. Since the band is still releasing music they may have more b-sides to come but those will have to go on a collection of the next two decades. Enjoy:



1. Indigestion
2. New Queen [Alternate Version]
3. Conditions [Demo Version]
4. The Pith [Live Version]
5. Ten Feet Tall [Live Version]
6. At the Bottom [Live Version]
7. Sky Flying By [Acoustic Version]
8. Home Sweet Home [Acoustic Version]
9. You Looking At Me [Acoustic Version]
10. Come Fly With Me
11. Time By The Dime [Alternate Version]
12. Glow
13. Stepson [Brave New Radio Session]
14. Capsized [Live Version]
15. Regret [Live Version]
16. Long Enough To Forget You
17. Bad Day [Live Version]
18. My Convenience [Live Version]
19. Stepson [Live Version]
20. Don't Break Me [Live Version]
21. Pretty Face, Clouded Mind
22. Boy With Monkey
23. Look No Hand
34. Take Care [Remix]

  • 1 & 2 are from Hardcore Breakout USA Vol. 1. 1990. New Red Archives
  • 3 is from the Ox-Compilation #11 7". 1991. Ox Fanzine.
  • 4-5 are from the Live 7". 1992. Your Choice Live.
  • 7-9 are from the Stump 7". 1992. Blackbox Records.
  • 10 is from Chairman of the Board: Interpretations of Songs Made Famous by Frank Sinatra. 1993. Grass Records.
  • 11 is from the West x North-South compilation. 1995. Vagrant Records.
  • 12 is from the Erase Yer Head #4 split 7" with Sixpack. 1996. Pandemonium Records. (This is a earlier version of "Good Enough" that eventually appeared on You Are Freaking Me Out.)
  • 13 is from the Ping-Pong Gods split CDEP with Garlic Frog Diet. 1996. Pakalolo Records.
  • 14 & 15 are from the She Found You CD single. 1997. Burning Heart Records.
  • 16 is from the Short Music For Short People compilation. 1999. Fat Wreck Chords.
  • 17-20 are from the Search & Destroy CD single. 1999. Burning Heart Records.
  • 21 is from the Might As Well...Can't Dance compilation. 2000 Adeline Records.
  • 22 is from the Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 3 compilation. 2000. Hopeless Records.
  • 23 is from Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 4 compilation. 2002. Hopeless Records.
  • 24 is an alternate mix of the the same track from Whatever's Got You Down, not commercially available. (The band posted it on their MySpace page.)

Bootleg: Chinese Telephones - Live on WMSE 5/12/ **UPDATED**

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EDITORS NOTE: Since I originally posted this Justin from Chinese Telephones contacted me a gave me a high quality rip straight from the source of these songs. The rip I had was also missing 3 songs so now the set is complete.

Ahhh life is good. Why did I say that? I dunno I just did. Anyways, Chinese Telephones were probably one of my favourite straightforward pop-punk bands of the 2000s. They had the frantic restlessness that the Midwest seems to produce in bounds. Before calling it quits they released on LP and a slew of 7" that were collected as the Democracy 12" and there isn't really anything else that I'm aware of. Therefore, this live set recorded in 2006 for Milwakee School of Engineering's radio station is an extra little treat and I can't seem to find it online. The recording is great and the set list is a good mix of some of their best songs. If you've never heard the band this would be a pretty swell introduction too. Enjoy!

Set List:

1. This Time Next Year
2. Basement-Child Super-Rock Fun, GO!
3. I Think I Can Breathe Now
4. Pledge Announcement
5. Better Than The Next
6. Learning Nothing New
7. It's Starting Again
8. I Tried and Failed and Cleaned Up Afterwards, So It's Your Turn Now
9. Thosehotmilwaukeenights
  • 1-9 not commercially available. Recorded on December 5, 2006 for 91.7 FM WMSE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.