OOP Corner: Seaweed - Spanaway

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Today's post once again comes out of the Pacific Northwest, this time from Tacoma, Washington's Seaweed. Coming out of that region in the late 80's/early 90's with a Sub Pop connection, Seaweed was often lumped into the grunge movement but they aren't really a grunge band. I don't hear a great deal in common with Nirvana or Alice In Chains or Pearl Jam in their sound, their arrangements are less direct, they have a more clear debt to hardcore punk and a pop sensibility that differed greatly for those bands. I'd say Seaweed has more in common with DC post-hardcore and bay area bands like Fuel, Jawbreaker and Samiam.

Anyways, like many bands during the grunge explosion of the 90's, Seaweed was picked up by a major label. Their sole release for Hollywood Records was 1995's Spanaway. The rest of the band's catalog while fluctuating in and out of print is available for purchase today via iTunes, but Spanaway which (in this blogger's humble opinion) is their best release remains out of print in relative obscurity. So instead of forcing you to head down to your local used record shop to pick up a copy I thought I'd add it to the blog. If you like it, go out and pick up one of their Sub Pop albums or their Merge release. This is one of my favourite albums, so I really hope you enjoy it:

Besides: cub - Mauler Revisited

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cub was an indie rock/punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, and boy were they cute. I mean the term "cuddle core" was invented for them. They have a sound similar to Beat Happening or Go Sailor or Beatnik Termites. They are the kind of band with a huge discography but only a few major releases with the rest of it spread out amongst 7" and compilation albums. In 1997, a year after their demise they compiled a number of those miscellaneous songs into a collection called Mauler. If you are a cub fan you will find Mauler extremely disappointing in that it was extremely incomplete and it even included songs from their full-length releases. To add insult to injury Mauler eventually went out of print so these songs were once again doomed to a life of obscurity. So I've gone back and taken all the non-LP material from Mauler and done my best to go out and find all the other 7" and compilation songs the band recorded for Mauler Revisited. Sadly, I've been working on this collection for a few years and there is a few songs even I haven't been able to locate. They are their contribution to Lance Hahn of J Church's Honey Bear Record's Not Exactly Happy: A Tribute To The Smiths, "Maneaters" from the Green Light Go! compilation, and as well as "Eyes of a Stranger" from For Sher: A Tribute To The Valley Girl Soundtrack. I'm also missing a few tape releases that I'm not sure if they have exclusive songs or not. If anyone has any of these and they'd be kind enough to hook me up I'd appreciate it. Anyways for better or worse this is as definitive a collection as I could make.

If you've never heard of the band or the one's I name dropped, the bands they cover here are Motörhead, Sicko, the Velvet Underground, the Ramones, the Cars, the Hollies, the R. Lewis Band, the Undertones, the Rolling Stones and the Canadian Subhumans. Hopefully that gives you an idea of the band's style and influences. Enjoy Mauler Revisited:


1. The Day We Met [7" Version]
2. Killed By Death [Motörhead cover]
3. Through My Hoop [7" Version]
4. Cast a Shadow [Live Version]
5. Pencil Neck Geek (feat. Joey Shithead)
6. FB Song [Sicko cover]
7. Flaming Red Bobsled
8. I'm Sticking With You [Velvet Underground cover]
9. Best Friend's Girl [Cars cover]
10. The Day I Said Goodbye
11. Exit
12. Runaway
13. She's A Sensation [Ramones cover]
14. Secret Nothing
15. You Know He Did [Hollies cover]
16. Green Eyes
17. Get Off The Road [R. Lewis Band cover]
18. Howard
19. Here Comes The Summer [Undertones cover]
20. Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?
21. She's Like a Rainbow [Rolling Stones cover]
22. Through With You
23. Pregnant
24. Oh Canaduh [Subhumans cover]
25. In Your Bed [CBC Session]
  • Track 1 originally appeared on the Pep 7". 1992 Mint Records.
  • Track 2 originally appeared on The Mint Is Still A Terrible Thing To Taste. 1993 Mint Records.
  • Track 3 originally appeared on the Hot Dog Day 7". 1993 Mint Records.
  • Track 4 originally appeared on the Volcano 7". 1994 Mint Records.
  • Track 5 originally appeared on Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol. 1. 1994 Wrong Records.
  • Track 6 originally appeared on the split 7" with Sicko. 1994 Top Drawer Records.
  • Track 7 originally appeared on Periscope. 1994 Yo Yo Records.
  • Track 8 originally appeared on the All Kinds Girls II 7" compilation. 1994 Munster Records.
  • Track 9 originally appeared on 13 Soda Punx. 1994 Top Drawer Records.
  • Tracks 10-12 originally appeared on the split CD with the Potatomen. 1995 Mint/Lookout! Records.
  • Track 13 originally appeared on Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rawk Angst, Vol. 1. 1995 Nardwuar Records.
  • Track 14 originally appeared on Ear of the Dragon: 19 Asian American Bands. 1995 Fortune 5 Records.
  • Track 15 originally appeared on Sing Hollies In Reverse. 1995 Eggbert Records.
  • Track 16 originally appeared on Slice of Lemon. 1995 Lookout! Records/Kill Rock Stars.
  • Track 17 originally appeared on On Guard For Thee - A Collection of Canada's Youth Gone Bad. 1995 Au Go Go Records.
  • Track 18 originally appeared on Pop American Style. 1996 March Records.
  • Track 19 originally appeared on Here Comes The Summer: A Tribute To The Undertones. 1996 Square Target Records.
  • Track 20 originally appeared on Tribute To Hardcore Logo. 1996 BMI Records.
  • Track 21 originally appeared on the TJ 7". 1996 SpinART.
  • Track 22 originally appeared on More Bounce to the Ounce. 1997 Lookout! Records.
  • Track 23 originally appeared on ? (Mauler was the only place I could find it)
  • Track 24 originally appeared on Oh Canaduh! Vol. 2. 2000 Lance Rock Records.
  • Track 25 originally appeared on Mint Records Presents: The CBC Radio 3 Sessions. 2006 Mint Records.

Bootleg: Lifetime - Live Acoustic at Disk Union Shibuya 28/11/2007

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Sorry for the late update.

In the fall of 2007, freshly reunited 90's pop punk/hardcore act Lifetime did a tour of Japan. Somewhere in there they played a short acoustic set in a record shop in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Someone filmed four of those songs, and I've ripped the audio from them in surprisingly good quality. It is a real treat to hear these classics and one new song re-arranged. I hope you enjoy this:



1. 25 Cent Giraffes
2. Haircuts & T-Shirts
3. Young, Loud and Scotty
4. Ostrichsized
  • All tracks were recorded live on the 28th of November, 2007 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.