Besides: The Ergs! - Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend Vol. 2 *AMENDED REPOST*

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The Ergs! were a lot of things to a lot of people. To me they were a passionate and nerdy punk band that moved between standard pop punk, 80's hardcore punk, country and back again. Like J Church and Sicko before them they gave the listener a glimpse inside the complex framework of American Underground music. A few years ago they called it quits leaving behind a couple of LPs, several EPs and one odds and ends collection: Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend. A little "Vol. 1" was tacked on to the end but we've yet to see a second volume surface commercially. I decided I wouldn't sit on my butt and I'd make one myself.Only 10 of these 36 songs was released in some commercial nature. A good chunk of these songs come from a demo/bootleg called The Milwilly Tape which was is alternate recordings of songs that would eventually end up on Upstairs/Downstairs and singles from around the same time. Another big chunk of these songs are unreleased songs recorded for abandoned projects. A few of the songs - the demos - aren't Ergs! songs exactly but the band released material like it under the Ergs! name before so why not? The rest of the songs are made up of 7" and comp appearances the band had after the release of the first Hindsight. So at this point this seems to contain the final word on the band.

Hope you enjoy this:


1. Jazz Is Like The New Coke [Demo Version]
2. Every Romance Language [Alternate Version]
3. It's Like I Say, Y'know [Alternate Version]
4. Under The Influence of Minutemen (Dork Rock Changed Our Lives)
5. Enough Is Not Enough
6. Super Mario Bros.
7. Beautiful World
8. I Was Only Kidding
9. A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2 [Live on WFMU]
10. Superfuzzbigmac [Live on WFMU]
11. Kracked [Live on WFMU]
12. What The Hell Was She Thinking?
13. Hang Up
14. Your Cheated Heart [Alternate Version]
15. 2nd Foundation [Alternate Version]
16. Boston, Mass [Alternate Version]
17. The Clocks, The Clocks [Alternate Version]
18. Bike Shoppe [Alternate Version]
19.  Fluorescent Stars [Demo Version]
20. Girls Of The Market Square [Alternate Version]
21. Things I Could Never Find A Way To Say [Alternate Version]
22. Stinking Of Whiskey Blues [Alternate Version]
23. Redneck Yacht Club
24. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
25. All Jacked Up
26. The Last Man On Earth
27. Coke Is Like The New Jazz
28. Bill Moon
29. Blockhead
30. Blahblahblahfuckyoublahblahblah
31. Love Is Nice
32. Joe Doesn't Like Cell Phones
33. Fuckuturn
34. A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2 [Acoustic Demo]
35. Pray For Rain [Acoustic Demo]
36. Everything Falls Apart (And More) [Acoustic Demo]

Bootleg: Tom Gabel - Live at Generation Records 11/10/2008

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This is a great quality recording of Tom Gabel of Against Me! playing solo at Generation Records in New York. Even if you don't care for his solo material you will still probably dig this set, it is floating around out there but this is likely the best bitrate/version you are going to find. Both the vocals and music are at a good volume, and there is also decent crowd participation. Enjoy:



1. Anna Is A Stool Pigeon
2. Nuclear Cowboys In An Age Of Drift
3. 100 Years Of War
4. Random Hearts
5. Conceptual Paths
6. Graceful Concession
7. Wagon Wheel
8. Amputations
9. Only Cowards Sing At Night
10. Joy
11. 8 Full Hours Of Sleep
12. Baby, I'm An Anarchist

Update for 6/29/10

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I went back and fixed a few of the things that weren't working around the site and added additional material as well. I fixed the links to the Leatherface collection, Snoop Doggy Dogg's Doggystyle II and the Fucked Up collection. I amended material in the Fucked Up, Dillinger Four & Tegan and Sara collections adding a few songs here and there. I've also removed the Ergs! compilation and will be reposting with lots more unreleased goodies.

- Fashion Munx

Besides: Descendents - Rareage!

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To me the Descendents were the essential punk band. They knew how to have fun, they knew their way around a good pop song and can crank out a short and fast hardcore tune should the need arise. There is so much more I can't even put into words. I only wished their was more of their music to listen to, well I guess there is always ALL. Anyhow I went and collected all of b-sides and rarities I know to exist all in one place. Some of these songs have been floating around on bootlegs for awhile but they were bootleg quality. I on the otherhad took these songs from their original compilation and single sources. I also went and cleaned up the audio on the demos/unreleased stuff as best I could for an added bonus. Here is Rareage!, enjoy:


1. Like The Way I Know
2. Doug Rides A Skateboard
3. Veni Vidi Veci
4. Silver [Live]
5. Silence [Demo]
6. Lucky
7. Shattered Milo
8. Gotta
9. Grand Theme
10. Sad State Of Affairs
  • Track 1 originally appeared on The Blasting Room. It is a studio outtake from the Milo Goes To College sessions. Owned & Operated Recordings 1999.
  • Tracks 2 & 3 are not commercially available. They are studio outtakes from the Enjoy! sessions. 1986.
  • Track 4 is not commercially available. It is a live recording of an unreleased song that was the basis of ALL's "She's My Ex" from the Allroy's Revenge LP.
  • Track 5 is not commercially available. It is a demo version of the ALL song of the same name that appeared on the Mass Nerder LP except with Milo on vocals instead of Chad. 1996.
  • Tracks 6 & 7 originally appeared on the I'm the One 7". Epitaph Records 1997.
  • Tracks 8 & 9 originally appeared on the Sessions 7". Epitaph Records 1997.
  • Track 10 originally appeared on Rock Against Bush, Vol.1. Fat Wreck Chords 2004.

Bootleg: The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound Acoustic Sessions

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During the 90's major labels seemed to be signing bands who came from the punk and general American Underground left and right. These bands took their indie spirit and married it to bigger budgets, wider promotion and better production. These bands became what is wildly known "alternative" bands, over time bands in the mainstream started to copy these bands watering down their sound more and more and therefore what was the "alternative" became the mainstream.

While technically still on an indie The Gaslight Anthem's blend of Springsteen roots rock, 80's new wave and college rock and 90's New Jersey punk rock reminds me a lot of what those so-called alternative bands were doing in the 90's. Along with Against Me! they could be spearheading a push for credible rock bands gaining a more prominent presence in the mainstream market. I for one am all for it if it means more people get exposed to better music than Nickelback or Three Days Grace or whatever the fuck they play on alternative radio nowadays. In honour of Gaslight's new album American Slang being released this past week I went and collected songs from all the band's acoustic radio sessions and the like that they made while supporting their last album The '59 Sound. I went for the best sounding version of each song as they did a lot of sessions those two years and certain songs had plenty of versions. Sadly, the band didn't record every song from the album acoustically so there is 8 songs from that album, a slew of covers and a few songs from other projects. So, here is The '59 Sound Acoustic Sessions:


1. Great Expectations [Acoustic Version]
2. The '59 Sound [Acoustic Version]
3. Old White Lincoln [Acoustic Version]
4. High Lonesome [Acoustic Version]
5. Atlantic City [Bruce Springsteen cover]
6. Miles Davis & the Cool [Acoustic Version]
7. Nine Crimes [Damien Rice cover]
8. Casanova, Baby! [Acoustic Version]
9. Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen cover]
10. Here's Looking At You Kid [Acoustic Version]
11. The Backseat [Acoustic Version]
12. Come Together [Beatles cover]
13. Tin Pan Alley [Acoustic Version]
14. I Do Not Hook Up [Kelly Clarkson cover]
15. The Weight [Band cover]
16. Blue Jeans And White T-Shirts [Acoustic Version]
17. Left Of The Dial [Replacements cover]
  • all track info contains original sources of recordings.

OOP Corner: Painted Thin - Clear Plausible Stories

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It is common knowledge that before John K. Samson formed The Weakerthans he was in the socially conscious punk rock band Propagandhi. The few songs he performed vocals on in that band as well as his solo demo tape were good indications of what The Weakerthans were to sound like on their debut. Prior to the release of Fallow, Samson had also released a split CD with fellow Winnipegers Painted Thin. Painted Thin at this time also featured future Weakerthans guitarist Stephen Caroll and drummer Jason Tait. Painted Thin's sound that combined elements of the melodic punk rock of Fifteen and Propagandhi with the sounds of contemporary Canadian indie rock was an even better indication of where the Weakerthans were headed.

Painted Thin would go on to release an EP, an LP and another split with Sixty Stories. You can still get the songs from the splits as well as the EP off of iTunes but their lone LP, Clear Plausible Stories, remains out of print. So here i bring you Painted Thin's sole full length release, imagine Left & Leaving/Reconstruction Site Weakerthans with synths and this is sort of what you might get, really good stuff:


Besides: The Flatliners - Rebuild

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Rightfully or wrongfully I've always viewed ska punk as thing of youth. Go to any random ska punk show today and you will likely see the fresh acne filled faces of 14 - 19 year olds, and not much else. It is fun music to sing along and dance to with generally positive vibes. When i was 16 or so I was first getting into punk, street punk and ska punk were my gateways. Over the years I've sort of grew out of listening to it and a lot of the local bands that played that style of music have either broke up or changed their sound. One of the bands that falls into the latter category is current Fat Wreck Chords band The Flatliners. Their shows were some of the first I went to and any knowledge I had of a Southern Ontario punk scene came from those early slam and skank sessions. While the Flats have been able to admirably progress their sound to a sophisticated mix of melodic punk with slight hints of ska, there is something that still draws me to the blistering ska punk of their debut full-length, Destroy To Create. That, Suicide Machines' Destruction By Definition and Operation Ivy's discography are the three ska punk albums that hold up best against the test of time.

Feeling nostalgic I went and collected all the band's odds and ends into a single collection, Rebuild. A good chunk of this is pre-Destroy To Create and maintains the band's nervous ska punk fury. Anyways, enjoy:



1. Gullible [Demo Version]
2. There's A Problem [Demo Version]
3. I Am Abandoned [Demo Version]
4. Get Out Of My Face
5. Disappointing Past
6. All Alone Again
7. Broken Window
8. Spill Your Guts
9. Picking At My Brain
10. Bad News [Split Version]
11. Crapshoot
12. Dick On A Power Trip
13. Open Hearts And Bloody Grins
14. Eulogy [Demo Version]
15. ...And The World Files For Chapter 11 [Demo Version]
16. Mother Theresa Chokeslams the World [Demo Version]
17. This Is Giving Up [Demo Version]
18. Cry, Cry, Cry [Johnny Cash cover]
19. Run Like Hell
  • Tracks 1-7 originally appeared on the band's demo. self-released 2002.
  • Track 8 originally appeared on Like Nobodies Business. Pezmosis Music Productions 2005.
  • Tracks 9-12 originally appeared on the Who Said Ska Is Dead? 4-way split with Suzi Jacuzzi and the Hot Tubs, Grand Skam, and The Makeshift Heroes. Cresswell Records 2003.
  • Track 13 originally appeared on Ska Is Dead 3. Stomp Records 2007.
  • Track 14 originally appeared on Wrecktrospective. Fat Wreck Chords 2009.
  • Tracks 15-17 originally appeared on the Sleep Is For Bitches demo. self-released 2007.
  • Track 18 originally appeared on All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash. Anchorless Records 2008.
  • Track 19 originally appeared on the split 7" with the Snips. Paper + Plastick Records 2009.