Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels:

I recently made a few changes to older posts. I fixed the links to the Hüsker Dü collection, the second part to the Say Anything collection and the Cheap Girls acoustic album. I was going to fix the link to the Replacements downlaod but I decided instead of two massive two part collections with demos and b-sides/outtakes from both the Twin/Tone and Sire eras I will be making one new large two part mix with each part focusing on the b-sides/outtakes and unreleased material. It is still a lot.


  1. tevirs says:

    Hey, Love your blog! Real good stuff here. I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the Snoop Dogg file? I can't seem to expand it. First track is broken? Thanks for your help.

  1. I'll re-upload it, when I get the chance.