OOP Corner: Seaweed - Spanaway

Posted: Monday, August 30, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels: ,

Today's post once again comes out of the Pacific Northwest, this time from Tacoma, Washington's Seaweed. Coming out of that region in the late 80's/early 90's with a Sub Pop connection, Seaweed was often lumped into the grunge movement but they aren't really a grunge band. I don't hear a great deal in common with Nirvana or Alice In Chains or Pearl Jam in their sound, their arrangements are less direct, they have a more clear debt to hardcore punk and a pop sensibility that differed greatly for those bands. I'd say Seaweed has more in common with DC post-hardcore and bay area bands like Fuel, Jawbreaker and Samiam.

Anyways, like many bands during the grunge explosion of the 90's, Seaweed was picked up by a major label. Their sole release for Hollywood Records was 1995's Spanaway. The rest of the band's catalog while fluctuating in and out of print is available for purchase today via iTunes, but Spanaway which (in this blogger's humble opinion) is their best release remains out of print in relative obscurity. So instead of forcing you to head down to your local used record shop to pick up a copy I thought I'd add it to the blog. If you like it, go out and pick up one of their Sub Pop albums or their Merge release. This is one of my favourite albums, so I really hope you enjoy it: