OOP Corner: Tiger Trap - Sour Grass

Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

You think if there was a highly influential band with a tiny discography someone would do their best to keep all of it in print. At the very least the major releases right? Well somehow K Records (or whomever owns the rights to these songs) didn't get that memo. Tiger Trap had a huge impact on indie guitar pop but other than a few 7" records, the Sour Grass EP is the only other release the band had aside from their self-titled LP and it is way out of print. I've seen both the CD and the 10" go for some ridiculous prices but you can usually get one for couple of bucks on Ebay if you are lucky. You can find rips of this floating around other places on the internet but they are usually rubbish quality or even vinyl rips so here is a high quality CD rip. This is some super catchy stuff. Enjoy!


  1. syaver says:

    Great post and a great blog. I don't have to wear out my vinyl now. Thanks!

  1. Matías says:

    thank you, great blog!