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I don't think there is enough hyperbole in the english language to get across how much I absolutely love Dag Nasty. More than The Replacements, more than Hüsker Dü, more than even Descendents. My story with the band is kind of weird in that Can I Say was one of the first pieces of vinyl I bought when I was about 17 or 18 before I was a collector. I was straight edge and wanted to listen to more straight edge bands (lol). At the time I remember spinning Can I Say, and not really digging it that much and I don't think I did too many after that for a long time. Fast-foward a few years and I was record shopping when I stumbled upon Field Day in the used bin for a few dollars at a local record shop and although I hadn't really liked Can I Say that much I had never seen it in stores before so I thought I'd pick it up. When I got home and threw it on the record player I was amazed at how different Field Day was and how much I enjoyed it. The album was still punk but it had mature exploration of pop music in ways that few bands I knew had approached. From that point on I went out and bought everything I could by the band.

Healthy, Loud and Honest contains all of Dag Nasty's b-side, demos and rarities that are known to exist. You could download some of them from the Daghouse website but never all of them, so here I bring it to you. The only things I left out were the songs added to the Dischord reissues of Can I Say and Wig Out At Denko's, some of the Four On The Floor demos because I didn't really hear much difference from the retail versions and "I Wouldn't Cry" with Shawn brown on vocals because really it should go with the rest of the Dag With Shawn collection. Enjoy!

1. One To Two [What If? Version]
2. Circles [What If? Version]
3. Can I Say [What If? Version]
4. Justification [What If? Version]
5. Mule
6. All Ages Show [Mango Session]
7. Trouble Is [12" Remix]
8. Never Green Lane
9. 12XU
10. You're Mine [LP Mix]
11. Staring At The Rude Boys [7" Version]
12. Things That Make No Sense [Alternate Version]
13. 13 Seconds Under Water [Alternate Version]
14. La Penita [Instrumental]
15. La Penita [Early Version]
16. Tuna Bomb
17. Still Believe
18. Chill
19. Just The Two Of Us
20. Incinerate [Alternate Mix]
21. Infected Owner of a Lonely Heart
22. Reggae Mystic
23. Twisted Again [Remix]
  • 1 -4 are not commercially available. Music recorded October 31st, 1985 at Inner Ear Studios. Vocals recorded summer 1991 at at W.G.N.S. Studios.
  • 5 originally appeared on the 85-86 compilation. Selfless Records 1991. Music recorded October 31st, 1985 at Inner Ear Studios. Vocals recorded summer 1991 at at W.G.N.S. Studios.
  • 6 originally appeared on the 85-86 compilation. Selfless Records 1991. Recorded in September 1986 at Inner Ear Studios.
  • 7 - 9 originally appeared on the Trouble Is 12". Giant Records 1988. Recorded in November 1987.
  • 10 originally appeared as a bonus track on the cd version of Field Day. Giant Records 1988. Recorded in October 1987.
  • 11 originally appeared on the All Ages Show 7". Giant Records 1987. Giant Records 1987. Recorded in October 1987.
  • 12 - 16 are not commercially available. Recorded at various times between 1987 and 1988.
  • 17 - 19 are not commercially available. Recorded in 1991. Demo versions for the Four On The Floor album with different lyrics and instrumentation.
  • 20 originally appeared on the Disarming Violence compilation. Fast Music Records 2000. Recorded January 10, 2000.
  • 21 - 22 are not commercially available. Recorded sometime between 2000 and 2001.
  • 23 is not commercially available. Recorded January 2002 at Inner Ear Studios. Remixed sometime in 2004.


  1. Dag Nasty????? pretty much #1 on my favorite bands of all time list.......... for an old guy from the VA/DC scene from that time period!!..... to me it didn't matter what singer they had......shawn.....dave or peter!...... They are one of the main reasons I am still driven to play in a punk band today!!!!!! honest music still rules!!!!!! great post!!!!!!

  1. thanks! Peter will always be my favourite but Dave and Shawn also have a place in my heart too.

  1. HI there! Thanks for the upload. That being said when I click the link I get taken to a page prompting me for a password. What am I missing here?

    TY in advance for your help.

  1. moonstomp says:

    Many thanks - anything Dag Nasty is much appreciated.
    "Can I Say" is my favourite hardcore record of all time !

    In case the previous poster is still stuck, the password is besidesasidesblog