Get In Where You Fit In: The Subhumans - 2005 Demo EP

Posted: Monday, April 9, 2012 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , , ,

Most of the stuff I post in the Get In Where You Fit In feature has never been released but I decided that albums that received limited release such as tour only records, promotional albums or limited online releases would also sort of fall under this feature. That is where the (Canadian) Subhumans' 2005 Demo EP comes in. It was released as a tour only CD when the band reunited in 2005 and I got a digital copy of it a number of years ago through a trade. I feel like these guys are one of the better old acts that has come back together in recent years and I think it partially has to do with the band still containing many of their original members. While not quite as strong as their classic material this is still some darn good stuff. Enjoy!



  1. biopunk says:

    Definitely liked these better than New Dark Age Parade songs.