So long and thanks for all the tunes.

Posted: Monday, July 2, 2012 by Fashion Munx in Labels:

After some considerable thought I have decided to put Besides Asides to bed. After seeing so many other music blogs bite the dust over the past year it just became not so fun anymore. It sucks but nothing gold can stay and all that. I hope this blog gave you a chance to explore your love for music whether it was punk/hardcore or even the occasional hip-hop post.

You can always drop me a line and I may respond. As always the password is on the side of the blog. It baffles me when people can find my email but not the password haha.


  1. Neal says:

    aw, man. i just added a link to you. thanks for all the tunes, especially the pop punk stuff. i know my friend checks your blog on the reg too.

    stop by sometime:

  1. biopunk says:

    Thanks for all the posts Munx. Especially that cub one...

  1. I have been following your blog occasionnaly, but always enjoyed the great bunch of music you had.
    I'm doing bootlegs & I think there might be a few stuffs you might enjoy here
    So long & thanks for all the fish !