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Posted: Monday, September 27, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

At the time Main Source's debut album Breaking Atoms wasn't seen as the groundbreaking near flawless piece of hip-hop that it is today. Sadly, like many great acts the New York/Toronto group never managed to recapture the magic of that album due in part to MC/Producer Large Professor leaving the group in 1992. Many casual hip-hop fans might not recognize the name Main Source off the top of their heads but you will probably recognize their sound as Large Professor was one of the two main architects behind the production on Nas' undeniably classic Illmatic. Although, Large Professor left the group they had already started working on a follow-up to Breaking Atoms entitled The Science but it was never finished or released and Mikey D replaced Large Pro on the mic for the official follow-up which was shelved. So what I've collected here is all the non-LP material from Main Source while Large Pro was still in the group including songs that were intended for the unreleased The Science LP. Enjoy:



1. Think
2. Atom
3. Just Hangin' Out [Your Hood Remix]
4. Refried Barbeque (feat. Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal)
5. Peace Is Not The Word To Play [Remix]
6. Bonafide Funk [MainSource Remix]
7. Fakin' The Funk (feat. Neek the Exotic)
8. Looking At The Front Door [Alternate Edit]
9. Fakin' The Funk [Remix] (feat. Neek the Exotic)
10. Time
11. How My Man Went Down In The Game
12. Bootlegging
13. Raise Up
14. Time [Alternate Mix]
  • Tracks 1 & 2 originally appeared on the Think 12". Actual Records 1989.
  • Tracks 3 & 4 originally appeared on the Just Hangin' Out 12". Wild Pitch Records 1991.
  • Track 5 originally appeared on the Peace Is Not The Word To Play 12". Wild Pitch Records 1991.
  • Track 6 originally appeared on the Bonafide Funk cd single. Delicious Vinyl 1992.
  • Track 7 originally appeared on the White Men Can't Rap 12". EMI Records 1992.
  • Tracks 8 & 10 are not commercially available.
  • Track 9 originally appeared on the Fakin' The Funk 12". Wild Pitch Records 1992.
  • Track 11 originally appeared on Wild Pitch Classics. Wild Pitch Records 1994.
  • Tracks 12-14 not commercially available. Was bootlegged on the Lost Science 7". Recorded in 1992.