Get In Where You Fit In: Best Kissers In The World - Yellow Brick Roadkill (Promo Version)

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: ,

I've come to realize all the Get In Where You Fit In feature is unreleased albums and it's made me sort of want to change the name but meh. Anywho, today I'm bringing you an album by Seattle's Best Kissers In The World. BKITW were a Seattle based band in the early 90s and released their first EP on Sub Pop Records in 1991. This means they play what could broadly be defined as grunge however there is a strong power pop and country influence for a heavier debt to The Replacements than traditionally found in the genre. Story goes they sign to major label MCA and release and EP and the Been There LP in 1993 to moderate collage radio success. After a rather significant gap between albums the band recorded a follow up album Yellow Brick Roadkill to be released in 1996, however it ended up being shelved since the band fell apart or the band fell apart because it got shelved - I'm not quite sure. A few promotional copies of that unreleased album made it out there and today I'm giving it to you in a nice high quality rip from my own collection. Here is Yellow Brick Roadkill. Enjoy!


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