Bootleg: Armchair Martian - Live on KXLU 17/06/2001

Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , , ,

If you've never heard Armchair Martian before they were Jon Snodgrass' band before Drag The River and they rested somewhere between Social Distortion and 2000's Americana influenced punk rock - both musically and chronologically. This is a live set they did for a college radio station in 2001, perhaps because it was for something other than commercial radio the set is actually pretty decent in length, with a dozen songs running about half an hour. As a radio show the sound quality is pretty good for a live set, I'd give it a solid B+. The song choices are from all over Armchair Martian's career but there is a a strong focus on their split with Bad Astronaut as it had just come out that year. For me the real highlight is having a recording of their cover of George Jones' "She Thinks I Still Care". Enjoy!