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Of all the various side projects and associated acts to come from Hot Water Music, Rumbleseat still remains my favourite. Chances is are if you you are a HWM fan but you've never actually picked up a Rumbleseat record you've heard them before as Chuck Ragan covers their song "California Burritos" both live and on his first album. If you haven't heard them at all before what can you expect? Well essentially they sound like stripped down Hot Water Music songs with leanings towards traditional folk, blues and country music. They recorded a bunch of songs from summer '98 to sometime in '99 with Rob McGregor and proceeded to release a handful of singles as well as appearing various compilations. The band's lineup was Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard on acoustic guitars and vocals and Samantha Jones (of Bitchin') on acoustic bass and vocals with Rob McGregor helping out on the harmonica. Before long they called it quits but not before they tried their hand at going electric, augmenting the existing lineup with Bill Clower of Radon on drums.

Rumbleseat didn't have that lengthy a recording history so No Idea announced they would be releasing a collection entitled Discography And Then Some in 2004. Well 2004 came and went and there was still no sign of the album when finally in 2005 it was released with an altered tracklist and the title changed to Is Dead. So I've gone and collected all the band's odds n ends that were left off of Is Dead, including 8 studio tracks only one of which saw commercial release, 6 electric band demos and 8 rough live recordings. For me the most interesting aspect of these songs is that on two of the studio recordings Samantha Jones takes lead vocal duties - something she didn't do on any of the commercially available songs. As a nice little bonus I've even included the artwork that was originally intended for Discography And Then Some as the cover for this collection:


1. Rumbleseat (aka Everybody's Always)
2. California Burritos [Alternate Version]
3. Walk Through The Darkness
4. Since You Left Me
5. Old Skinner
6. The Tall Pines Sway (aka Albert's Spine)
7. Tell You Goodnight
8. Instrumental
9. California Burritos [Electric Version]
10. Cursing Concrete [Electric Version]
11. Picker [Electric Version]
12. Restless [Electric Version]
13. Saturn In Crosshairs [Electric Version]
14. Trestles [Electric Version]
15. Walk Through The Darkness [Live]
16. Saturn In Crosshairs [Live]
17. Cursing Concrete [Live]
18. Moonshiner [Live]
19. California Burritos [Live]
20. Picker [Live]
21. Trestles [Live]
22. Rye Whiskey [Live]

  • Tracks 1, 2 and 4 - 22 are not commercially available.
  • Track 3 originally appeared on the California Burritos 7". 2001 No Idea Records.


  1. tocacu says:

    Thank you very much, I've been searching a lot for this songs :D

  1. Track 8 is not a Rumbleseat instrumental. It's an instrumental of Five String Serenade by Mazzy Star.

  1. from what i heard i think it may have been on rumbleseats myspace page years ago or maybe i read it in some credits somewhere i found that originally a lot of the pressing was destroyed by hurricane Gaston? somewhere in richmond va? thank you for this i have been a fan for a long time... and had just accepted that there was nothing more by this incarnation of great hot water music...

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool. I was the one who recorded those live songs. It was from a show at Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL November 2000. Good Times. Samantha belted out a Lucinda Williams cover that night which was sooo good.

  1. Magali says:

    I discovered Rumbleseat at some German friends', ordered and received "Rumbleseat is dead" a few weeks ago but sadly realized that some of the tracks I had enjoyed were missing!
    So now, thanks to you, yes, they're on in my tiny French-Alps village, for the neighbourhood to enjoy as well!!

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  1. Hi the link says it's set to private. Can you make it public?