OOP Corner: Sludgeworth - Losers Of The Year + 5

Posted: Saturday, July 3, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

The story goes that Dan and Brian from Screeching Weasel formed Sludgeworth as a side project to SW in 1989, and then decided to make Sludgeworth their full-time gig only to break up in 1992. They recorded a single LP entitled What's This? for Johann's Face Records as well as a few 7" releases before splitting. If you are expecting Sludgeworth to sound like Screeching Weasel or The Riverdales or The Ramones guess again. Sludgeworth sounds a lot more mature, with more accurate points of reference being Pegboy, Jawbreaker and Face to Face.

In 1995 Lookout! released Losers Of The Year, which was a number of songs from their LP and other random songs they recorded over their three year existence. For some reason much like Operation Ivy's Discography, Losers Of The Year is frustratingly incomplete as it is missing about 5 songs from What's This?. Due to Lookout!'s inactivity, both Losers Of The Year and What's This? are out of print. So I uploaded Losers of The Year for you tacked on 5 extra songs that were left of the original for some insane reason. Enjoy!:



  1. hey! was wondering if you could fix this link? been tryin to download this thing for over a week and mediafire always says server busy and it freezes up. many thanks if you can fix it, this is a classic i grew up on and would love to hear it again

  1. The link seems to be downloading fine for me and it has been downloaded a slew of times by other people, so thr problem must be on your end. I hope it worked out.