Bootleg: Hot Water Music - Live at the Fireside Bowl 16/11/2000

Posted: Sunday, October 3, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

There are a lot of Hot Water Music boots floating around on the internet but I chose this one because it is a great setlist and the sound quality is great. It captures the band right before their jump to Epitaph Records right when they were in their prime. There is some funny banter about people comparing them to Avail and references to other shows on the same tour. This is a really essential live document for anyone that considers themselves a HWM fan. enjoy!:



1. Intro
2. Where We Belong
3. A Flight and a Crash
4. Better Sense
5. No Division
6. Trademark
7. Choked and Separated
8. Free Radio Gainesville
9. Minno
10. Three Summers Strong
11. The Bitter End
12. Southeast First
13. Alachua
14. Old Rules
15. At The End Of A Gun
16. It's Hard To Know
17. Manual