OOP Corner: Smoke Or Fire - When The Battery Dies

Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels: ,

Given that Fest 9 happens in Gainesville is this week and I shall be attending, I figured I'd upload something for a band that is playing Fest this year with an out-of-print record from Smoke or Fire. When Smoke or Fire started out in 1998 they were known as Jericho and were located in Boston, in 2000 they released their debut When the Battery Dies. A few years later 80's Christian rock act Jericho forced them to change their name to Jericho RVA, and right around that time the band signed with Fat Wreck Chords. They further changed their name to Smoke or Fire because of mounting pressure from religious nuts or something. During this time the material they recorded as Jericho had largely gone out-of-print due to legal wrangling with their name, this includes When the Battery Dies. Red Scare Industries then announced they were going to issue a collection of the band's pre-Fat years but that idea was ultimately shelved when more legal troubles came up. So here you have it, a slice of blaspheme, the band sounds much different here, with Joe's voice being higher and the music having an early 2000's emo vibe in a few spots. Still a pretty neat record, wish I had the cover:


  1. i hear they put out another disc as jericho called Worker’s Union. do you have that one floating around?

    also... this is pretty sweet http://www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com/downloads/dtfh053.html

  1. They did put it out and EP called Worker's Union and I have the cd laying around somewhere but last I checked you could still buy it from iTunes so I won't be putting it up here. I do however have another record they put between this and Worker's Union that I'll be getting up at some point.

  1. Josh says:

    You have no idea how long I've been searching for this album.

    Thank you good sir. Next Fest I owe you a beer.