Bootleg: Chinese Telephones - Live on WMSE 5/12/ **UPDATED**

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EDITORS NOTE: Since I originally posted this Justin from Chinese Telephones contacted me a gave me a high quality rip straight from the source of these songs. The rip I had was also missing 3 songs so now the set is complete.

Ahhh life is good. Why did I say that? I dunno I just did. Anyways, Chinese Telephones were probably one of my favourite straightforward pop-punk bands of the 2000s. They had the frantic restlessness that the Midwest seems to produce in bounds. Before calling it quits they released on LP and a slew of 7" that were collected as the Democracy 12" and there isn't really anything else that I'm aware of. Therefore, this live set recorded in 2006 for Milwakee School of Engineering's radio station is an extra little treat and I can't seem to find it online. The recording is great and the set list is a good mix of some of their best songs. If you've never heard the band this would be a pretty swell introduction too. Enjoy!

Set List:

1. This Time Next Year
2. Basement-Child Super-Rock Fun, GO!
3. I Think I Can Breathe Now
4. Pledge Announcement
5. Better Than The Next
6. Learning Nothing New
7. It's Starting Again
8. I Tried and Failed and Cleaned Up Afterwards, So It's Your Turn Now
9. Thosehotmilwaukeenights
  • 1-9 not commercially available. Recorded on December 5, 2006 for 91.7 FM WMSE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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    Thanks for this - first time i've heard them, great set too...

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