Freedom Or Sort Of: Dahlia Seed

Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: ,

Okay so I don't really have any free legal downloads for anything Samiam related. Instead I thought I'd point you towards another early 90s punk/posy-hardcore band that often got lumped in with "emo" but like Samiam, Garden Variety, Texas Is The Reason and many others had not much to do with it: Dahlia Seed. They had a distinctly East Coast flavour about them, chunky guitars and these powerful vocals from lead singer Tracy that could really flip your wig but at the same time are really beautiful. You can download their entire discography at their website. You still might want to track down hard copies as the bitrate isn't the greatest but still this is some really great stuff. I suggest starting with their second 12" Survived By: