Bootleg: Samiam - Live at Krazy Fest 2011

Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

Recently Samiam had to cancel a number of shows in support of their latest album Trips so I missed them but lucky for me and anyone else that did I found this pretty decent quality live recording from their Krazy Fest set earlier this year. It was one large file so I went and cut up the songs in a way I feel retains the flo of the set. My only real complaint is that the setlist heavily favours You Are Freaking Me Out and Astray. Don't get me wrong I love those albums and get that they are fan favourites but in a roughly half our set it would be nice if they could atleast have a one song from each of their albums but Samiam, Soar and Billy are completely ignored. Heck considering it was their last proper album I expected more than one song from Whatever's Got You Down. Enough of my complaining, it is a good boot, enjoy!

Set List:

1. Intro (Banter)
2. Sunshine
3. Factory
4. Trips (Banter)
5. 80 West
6. Mud Hill
7. Wisconsin
8. Dull
9. Take Care
10. She Found You
11. Capsized
12. Full On
  • 1-12 recorded live Sunday, May 22, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky at Expo 5.