OOP Corner: Joyride - Johnny Bravo

Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

Joyride was the brainchild of bassist/vocalist Steve Soto who has spent time in respected punk acts like Agent Orange, Adolescents and 22 Jacks. Joyride were a pop-punk band, that in terms of his previous work, had more in common with 22 Jacks. Joyride play classic guitar pop with a punk edge rather than punk with melodic overtones. I hear a lot of Moving Targets and The Nils in their sound if that means anything to anyone. They only released two LPs as far as I know, 1992's Johnny Bravo and 1994's Another Month of Mondays, I'm posting the first one as it is my favourite of the two. "24 Hours" and "Sleep A Little Longer" are perfect 3 minute pop-punk gems and "Asking For More" channels the dark melody and guitar flare of the Adolescents, these are songs that you can't go any longer without hearing. Enjoy!