Besides: Against Me! - Up The Cuts (B-Sides) [Amended Repost]

Posted: Sunday, March 18, 2012 by Fashion Munx in Labels: ,

A few years ago when I started this blog I posted up an Against Me! collection. When going over material I pulled from the blog I discovered that collection was one of them. There was a few problems with it: 1) I don't post any major releases from bands that are still in print and a good chunk of the collection was made up of demos that have since been released on the demo album Total Clarity and another chunk were released on the EP, New Wave B-Sides. 2) Against Me! are an active band still releasing music and their b-sides will continue to grow making any collection I try and make ultimately incomplete. I thought about reposting it and decided I'd do a collection roughly spanning their first decade as a band from 2000-2010 (with a few songs from 1998). I wasn't going to repost it if it was just going to be the same things either so I added a few gems that I hadn't included in the original collection to make it worthwhile for a re-download if anyone managed to get it the first time.

The first two additions on this version are alternate versions of "National Myth" and "Burning Bridges" that came out on the tape comp We're Here To Ruin Your Fun. This is a rare tape among AM! collectors but there seems to be a single rip floating around the net of these songs but there is horrible tape feedback/signal noise on it. I went in and edited out all that noise and these are likely the best versions you will find out there, really clear. Another addition is the full band acoustic version of "Miami" that for some reason didn't appear on Searching For A Former Clarity or Total Clarity. The sound quality was never great on it but I tried to clean it up a bit and do a amateur mastering job on it so hopefully it sounds better than the usual copy out there. "Mia Bella California" is a demo that Tom Gabel recorded on the road sometime in 2006 between Searching... and New Wave that never ended up being re-recorded and it makes sense as it is a bit different than the direction they went with New Wave I think. far as I can tell is pretty rare as other than hardcore collectors it isn't really out there. The last real gem on here is the full band acoustic version of "Up The Cuts" that didn't make New Wave or any of it's singles. I personally like this version a bit better, it is more reminiscent of the band's older material.

So this is a mostly complete representations of the band's b-side and rare material from their first ten years. There is a few alternate mixes of "Thrash Unreal" that only appeared on label promo singles and a few alternate versions and unreleased cuts from White Crosses that may only be in the possession of the band but I think a few collectors out there may have them. If anyone has any of these shoot me an email and please share if you like the stuff I've done on the blog. Anyways enjoy the collection!



1. National Myth (Alternate Version)
2. Burning Bridges (Alternate Version)
3. Cavalier Eternal (Alternate Version)
4. You Look Like I Need A Drink (Acoustic Version)
5. Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric Version)
6. Unsubstantiated Rumors (Electric Version)
7. Wagon Wheel
8. Don't Lose Touch [Mouse on Mars Remix]
9. From Her Lips To God's Ears [Energize-O-Tron Remix]
10. Miami (Acoustic Version)
11. Joy (Alternate Demo)
12. Don't Lose Touch (Acoustic Version)
13. Bastards of Young
14. Mia Bella California
15. White People For Peace [Butch Vig Remix]
16. Stop! [Funky Face vs. The DBL Stops Mix]
17. Up The Cuts (Acoustic Version)
18. New Wave (Acoustic Version)
19. Animal (Acoustic Version)
20. Graceful Concession (Acoustic Version)
21. Here Comes A Regular
22. White Crosses (Acoustic Version)
23. Strip Mall Parking Lots (Acoustic Version)
24. Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong [Live At Harvest of Hope]


  1. Seedboy says:

    Hey! Love the blog, you cover a bunch of my favorite bands and your collections sound great. Regarding this one though, is the Stop! remix any different from the original version? With a name like that, I was under the impression it would sound more like the Don't Lose Touch or From Her Lips... remixes, but it doesn't sound much different from the album version.

    Also, I've got an mp3 of Against Me! playing a cover of The Clash's Janie Jones for the AV Club's Undercover series- I can send that your way if you'd be interested.