Bootleg: Pegboy - Live At CBGBs 16/07/1991

Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

I don't think Pegboy gets the credit they deserve. I really feel like they were creating an original sound that could be called pop-punk when such a term didn't exist without default to influence from bands like Descendents, The Ramones or the Buzzcocks. Of course guitarist John Haggerty's former band was Naked Raygun who are legends in and of themselves.

What I have here today is a live set they did at CBGBs in summer 1991. At that point all they had out was Three-Chord Monte EP, the Strong Reaction LP and the Field Of Darkness 7". If you are like me, you thing that is their strongest material anyway. This is floating around the net elsewhere but this is a high quality rip converted from an FLAC copy of a first generation tape that you won't find anywhere else. It sounds great beyond a few imperfections Enjoy!



1. Method
2. Strong Reaction
3. Not What I Want
4. My Youth
5. Field Of Darkness
6. Fade Away
7. Time Again
8. Still Uneasy
9. Walk On by
10. Locomotivelung
11. Through My Fingers


  1. biopunk says:

    Thanks F.M.

    This reminded me of just how much I listened to Three-Chord Monte and Strong Reaction waaaay back when. Earwig was a disappointment, and that's the last time I listened to them. It was all Pitchfork/Drive Like Jehu back then too...