OOP Corner: Painted Thin - Clear Plausible Stories

Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2010 by Fashion Munx in Labels: , ,

It is common knowledge that before John K. Samson formed The Weakerthans he was in the socially conscious punk rock band Propagandhi. The few songs he performed vocals on in that band as well as his solo demo tape were good indications of what The Weakerthans were to sound like on their debut. Prior to the release of Fallow, Samson had also released a split CD with fellow Winnipegers Painted Thin. Painted Thin at this time also featured future Weakerthans guitarist Stephen Caroll and drummer Jason Tait. Painted Thin's sound that combined elements of the melodic punk rock of Fifteen and Propagandhi with the sounds of contemporary Canadian indie rock was an even better indication of where the Weakerthans were headed.

Painted Thin would go on to release an EP, an LP and another split with Sixty Stories. You can still get the songs from the splits as well as the EP off of iTunes but their lone LP, Clear Plausible Stories, remains out of print. So here i bring you Painted Thin's sole full length release, imagine Left & Leaving/Reconstruction Site Weakerthans with synths and this is sort of what you might get, really good stuff: