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The Ergs! were a lot of things to a lot of people. To me they were a passionate and nerdy punk band that moved between standard pop punk, 80's hardcore punk, country and back again. Like J Church and Sicko before them they gave the listener a glimpse inside the complex framework of American Underground music. A few years ago they called it quits leaving behind a couple of LPs, several EPs and one odds and ends collection: Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend. A little "Vol. 1" was tacked on to the end but we've yet to see a second volume surface commercially. I decided I wouldn't sit on my butt and I'd make one myself.Only 10 of these 36 songs was released in some commercial nature. A good chunk of these songs come from a demo/bootleg called The Milwilly Tape which was is alternate recordings of songs that would eventually end up on Upstairs/Downstairs and singles from around the same time. Another big chunk of these songs are unreleased songs recorded for abandoned projects. A few of the songs - the demos - aren't Ergs! songs exactly but the band released material like it under the Ergs! name before so why not? The rest of the songs are made up of 7" and comp appearances the band had after the release of the first Hindsight. So at this point this seems to contain the final word on the band.

Hope you enjoy this:


1. Jazz Is Like The New Coke [Demo Version]
2. Every Romance Language [Alternate Version]
3. It's Like I Say, Y'know [Alternate Version]
4. Under The Influence of Minutemen (Dork Rock Changed Our Lives)
5. Enough Is Not Enough
6. Super Mario Bros.
7. Beautiful World
8. I Was Only Kidding
9. A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2 [Live on WFMU]
10. Superfuzzbigmac [Live on WFMU]
11. Kracked [Live on WFMU]
12. What The Hell Was She Thinking?
13. Hang Up
14. Your Cheated Heart [Alternate Version]
15. 2nd Foundation [Alternate Version]
16. Boston, Mass [Alternate Version]
17. The Clocks, The Clocks [Alternate Version]
18. Bike Shoppe [Alternate Version]
19.  Fluorescent Stars [Demo Version]
20. Girls Of The Market Square [Alternate Version]
21. Things I Could Never Find A Way To Say [Alternate Version]
22. Stinking Of Whiskey Blues [Alternate Version]
23. Redneck Yacht Club
24. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
25. All Jacked Up
26. The Last Man On Earth
27. Coke Is Like The New Jazz
28. Bill Moon
29. Blockhead
30. Blahblahblahfuckyoublahblahblah
31. Love Is Nice
32. Joe Doesn't Like Cell Phones
33. Fuckuturn
34. A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2 [Acoustic Demo]
35. Pray For Rain [Acoustic Demo]
36. Everything Falls Apart (And More) [Acoustic Demo]


  1. Anonymous says:

    you need a password to download it..

  1. This is fantastic (as are most of your other posts)

    Experimental Test Pavement was a 3" CDR. I recorded the songs on an iPod mic that I bought the day before we left for tour. The two other songs are Themselves (Minutemen, recorded at Guitar Center in Albuquerque) and Four Eyes (The Copyrights) with Adam and Brett from the Copyrights, recorded in the back of a guitar store in Carbondale that Brett worked at. I handstamped a dozen or so, and eventually hope to put it out along with a zine of my journal from that tour.

    In addition to Redneck Yacht Club, there is an Ergs/Trashies (the Trashergs) supergroup recording of Mongoloid, and the theme song to Pranksters, recording during the same sessions.

    Great work!

  1. Hey....

    sorry...i don´t know your blog. I downloaded the Releases @ the SLSK-Network.

    Great Work.
    I took your link to your Releases @ my blog.

    sorry for my bad english...

    The Bone

  1. Mediafire says this file is now private. Any way to make it un-private? I stumbled onto this post after searching for that "Redneck Yacht Club" cover the Ergs did, which I really enjoyed.

  1. link 9is dead, please reupload