Bootleg: The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound Acoustic Sessions

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During the 90's major labels seemed to be signing bands who came from the punk and general American Underground left and right. These bands took their indie spirit and married it to bigger budgets, wider promotion and better production. These bands became what is wildly known "alternative" bands, over time bands in the mainstream started to copy these bands watering down their sound more and more and therefore what was the "alternative" became the mainstream.

While technically still on an indie The Gaslight Anthem's blend of Springsteen roots rock, 80's new wave and college rock and 90's New Jersey punk rock reminds me a lot of what those so-called alternative bands were doing in the 90's. Along with Against Me! they could be spearheading a push for credible rock bands gaining a more prominent presence in the mainstream market. I for one am all for it if it means more people get exposed to better music than Nickelback or Three Days Grace or whatever the fuck they play on alternative radio nowadays. In honour of Gaslight's new album American Slang being released this past week I went and collected songs from all the band's acoustic radio sessions and the like that they made while supporting their last album The '59 Sound. I went for the best sounding version of each song as they did a lot of sessions those two years and certain songs had plenty of versions. Sadly, the band didn't record every song from the album acoustically so there is 8 songs from that album, a slew of covers and a few songs from other projects. So, here is The '59 Sound Acoustic Sessions:


1. Great Expectations [Acoustic Version]
2. The '59 Sound [Acoustic Version]
3. Old White Lincoln [Acoustic Version]
4. High Lonesome [Acoustic Version]
5. Atlantic City [Bruce Springsteen cover]
6. Miles Davis & the Cool [Acoustic Version]
7. Nine Crimes [Damien Rice cover]
8. Casanova, Baby! [Acoustic Version]
9. Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen cover]
10. Here's Looking At You Kid [Acoustic Version]
11. The Backseat [Acoustic Version]
12. Come Together [Beatles cover]
13. Tin Pan Alley [Acoustic Version]
14. I Do Not Hook Up [Kelly Clarkson cover]
15. The Weight [Band cover]
16. Blue Jeans And White T-Shirts [Acoustic Version]
17. Left Of The Dial [Replacements cover]
  • all track info contains original sources of recordings.


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